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I Need Help

You know you’re a fujoshi when you start shipping guys at school together.

These 2 guys I used to like (and still kinda do) are in my 4th period class. They’re both extremely cute, nice and funny, and they’ve just recently become great friends. One of the guys laughed at something the other one said and was like, “You’re really funny.” And it doesn’t help that one of them (the one who made the joke) is constantly making gay jokes. He’s so freakin’ funny and I always laugh when he pretends to flirt with other guys.

Not only do they talk in class now (I’m pretty sure they didn’t even know each other before we had this class), but I saw them walking out together after our Senior meeting was over today.

They both have girlfriends (at least they did the last time I checked), but I can dream. :D

I need serious help. Anime, you’ve ruined me. XD

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