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Guys, this is EXTREMELY important! You know SOPA? Well that first petition most of you probably signed wasn’t real. This is the real one:

Please sign it and spread the word around to everyone, and tell them to do the same! I’m extremely worried because the dealine is in just TWO DAYS! That’s Sunday! And we still need over 80,000 signatures! Our way of life will be gone. No more FanFiction, deviantART, cosplaying, or buying DVDs overseas. It’ll all be gone forever. My life will be over if this happens. And the worst part is that I’ll be forever depressed and I won’t even be able to tell my parents why since I keep my online and anime life a secret. I’ve also made so many friends. You guys are closer to me than my REAL life friends! I barely even talk to anyone at school anymore. You guys have changed my life on this account. I don’t want to lose that.

So please, save the internet and our fandoms!

(I copied this from my America roleplay account on Facebook so ignore the part about the life changing. I hardly ever use this account so I’m not referring to this one. XD)

My roleplaying friend on my America Facebook account made this today! I was so happy! You see we’re doing a really sad and angsty UsCan roleplay, and during one scene Matt was scared and crying, so Al held him close and was humming this song. Now every time I hear this song I’m gonna think of our roleplay and become sad. XD But it’s so sweet.

I’m gonna turn the roleplay into a story and post it to FanFiction.Net. Hopefully the first chapter will be up in a few days. It’s definitely only for people who can handle mature themes though, and if incest or yaoi bothers you then it’s not for you.

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