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    Geeky McGeekstein

This is an awesome English fandub of Papermoon. It’s the same woman that sings the dub of A Cruel Angel’s Thesis that I posted before. She’s such a great singer.

The only thing I don’t like about this is that the pitch of the background music is lowered. She didn’t do that with A Cruel Angel’s Thesis so I’m not sure why she did with this one… Oh well. I’ve listened to it so many times that I’m getting used to it now.

The original Papermoon is still my favorite, but at least I can understand this version.


I’m falling down into my shadow
Grasping onto every breath
As I await the Deadly night

So scary, but you can’t give into this
Fear of pumpkin carriages
'Cause all the witches see it in your eyes

See you in your dreams, yeah, baby
Your nightmares too, that’s where I’ll find you

Fairy blue
It is only for you
That I would crush the stars
And put them on display
Black Paper Moon
If you really put your faith in me
When you’re lost, here I am
Forever with your soul
Waiting here above you patiently,
Just like the shining moon

A symbol rises to the surface
Of the crimson sweetness that I had submerged it deep within

Your destiny isn’t so immutable
Anything that you can dream
Can also be the fate that you will have

Don’t try to use deceit on me
I will not break, I won’t surrender

Fairy blue
You are my everything
The reason I go on
In this captivity,
If you raise your voice and call for me
I will find you, my dear
Wherever you may be
And I will be sure to set you free from this ensnaring curse

There are times when no one believes in me and
There are times where I feel like I’m degraded
But even in those times your words always echo within
My heart
This is my promise

Fairy blue
It is only for you that I would smash the stars
And use them as a sign
To guide you
Any time that you’re lost or afraid, or you can’t see your dreams,
I want you to look up

And Fairy blue
You are my everything
The reason that I live
In sweet captivity so faithfully
And I swear you’ll never be alone
When you’re lost, here I am
Forever with your soul

We can make it through most anything, if you can just believe

Say What?!

I just found out that Christopher Bevins, the guy who voices Yogi in the Karneval dub, also voices Japan from Hetalia! I had no idea! They don’t sound similar to me at all.

Now I do remember in the Hetalia bloopers when Japan messed up. Sometimes he would still use the Japan voice, but sometimes he would speak in his regular voice. It’s been awhile since I’ve watched the bloopers but I guess I remember him sounding like Yogi. XD





I’m putting the usernames in a notebook to give to my family when I finally come out to them. They told me once when I was little that if I ever came out to be gay to not tell anyone because they thought I’d be judged so please reblog so I can show them that people in my generation are different than theirs.

I’m not coming out until I fill the notebook. So if you want to help?

This needs more notes

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My Day… Has Been Made

Oh my goodness, you have no idea how good I feel right now.

I mean oh my gosh, did this really happen to me?!?!

One of my favorite authors and good friends, hybridempress, made this journal on deviantART:

When I saw it, I felt like this…

And as I was reading it…

But I ended up like this:

I mean seriously, I’m such a crappy writer and Rose is the best freakin’ writer ever and she likes one of my stories this much?!?! Excuse me while I go continue to fangirl.

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    Kaori Hikita

This is the ending theme to Loveless. Such a beautiful song. ^^

Japanese Lyrics:

Setsunasa no kagiri made dakishimete mo
Itsumade mo hitotsu ni wa narenakute
Yasashisa yori fukai basho de
Fureau no wa itami dake
Futari wo musunde kudasai
Bokura wa mou yume wo minai
Tomadoi nagara te wo totte
Zankoku na yoake no hou he

Hontou no kotoba wa kitto
Hontou no sekai no dokoka
Bokura no mukuchi na yoru ni
Ima mo kitto

Sabishisa wo shiru tame ni deau no da to
Kuchidzuke wo kawasu made shiranakute
Soredemo ima kimi to aeta
Yorokobi ni furuete iru
Kokoro wo sasaete kudasai
Bokura wa mou yume wo minai
Atatakai basho he nigenai
Zankoku na yoake wo kitto
Koete yuku
Akirameteta sono shizukesa
Hontou no kotoba wo kitto
Aishi kizutsuke au tame ni
Itsuka kitto

Setsunasa no kagiri made dakishimete mo
Itsumade mo hitotsu ni wa narenakute
Yoake mae no tsumetai hoshi
Futari dake no michiyuki wo
Douka terashite kudasai

English Lyrics:

Even if you embrace me until it’s suffocating
We will never become one.
In a place deeper than gentleness
Touching each other is merely pain.
Please bind the two of us.
We will dream no more,
Joining hands in uncertainty
Walking towards
The cruel dawn.

True words are surely
Somewhere in the true world,
In our wordless night.
Surely even now

Meeting each other in order to know loneliness,
We won’t know until we exchange a kiss.
Even so, I am trembling with the joy
Of having met you.
Please support my heart.
We will dream no more,
We can’t run to a warm place.
We will surely overcome
The cruel dawn.
The abandoned quietness
Will surely find
The true words
In order to lovingly hurt each other.
Someday surely

Even if you embrace me until it’s suffocating
We will never become one.
O cold starts before dawn,
Please light
The path that’s just for us.

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